Government Storage Heater Grants are Available
to Replace Your Broken Electric Storage Heaters

ECO Flexible Eligibility Grants mean that you do not need to receive State Benefits to qualify for a Storage Heater Grant

Local Authorities can now approve ECO Grants to help replace faulty or inefficient Electric Storage Heaters

ECO Flexible Eligibility Grants to help replace faulty Storage Heaters

ECO Flexible Eligibility Grants

ECO Flexible Eligibility Grants were introduced as part of the ECO Scheme in April 2017 with 10% of all ECO funding being allocated to it.

However, only recently (Spring 2018) has it begun be broadly publicised. This is probably because it is proposed that when ECO3 starts in October 2018, 25% of ECO funding will be made available.

How are ECO Flexible Eligibility Grants awarded?

Firstly, you should complete the form on this page, to apply for a Storage Heater Grant. We will call you back to explain what you need to do next as each Local Authority can determine its own rules for households living within their boundaries.

You do not need to receive State Benefits or Tax Credits to qualify for ECO Flexible Eligibility Grants but you do need to meet the criteria set out by your Local Authority.

Under flexible eligibility, a participating Local Authority is able to determine its own locally specific criteria for identifying private tenure households that it considers to be living in fuel poverty or on a low income and vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home (hence the term ‘flexible eligibility’).

Participating local authorities are required to publish a ‘Statement of Intent’ setting out their ECO flexible eligibility grants qualifying criteria prior to determining eligible households.

It is proposed that ECO Flexible Eligibility Grants will only be available to homeowners and tenants who rent their homes from private landlords. ECO Flexible Eligibility Grants will not be available to householders in council owned homes, housing association homes or shared ownership homes.

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