Government Storage Heater Grants are Available
to Replace Your Faulty Electric Storage Heaters

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Qualifying criteria for storage heater grants under ECO3 (from Oct. 2018) have not been approved by Parliament yet. As a result, information provided on this website is subject to change.

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Storage Heater Grants For Landlords Application Form

Each of your tenant’s applications will be treated individually.

There is no reasonable limit to how many of your tenants may qualify for a storage heater grant.

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Storage Heater Grant Qualification Criteria

If you think your tenant may qualify, complete the Storage Heater Grant Application Form for Landlords today.

To qualify for a Storage Heater Grant your tenant must satisfy the following 3 conditions:

  1. They must live in a privately rented home. Council properties, Housing Association homes and shared ownership homes are excluded.
  2. They must receive one of the qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or other allowances. Full details can be found HERE.
  3. There must be faulty or inefficient electric storage heaters installed in the rental property which can be replaced with modern, more energy efficient storage heaters.

Affordable Warmth Scheme funding is provided as part of the Government’s ECO Scheme which helps low income families to keep their homes warm whilst saving money on heating bills.

Having modern, energy efficient electric storage heaters installed will also help you to reduce carbon emissions from your rental property.