Government Storage Heater Grants are Available
to Replace Your Faulty Electric Storage Heaters

Storage Heater Grants for Landlords from the Government's ECO Scheme

Storage Heater Grants for Landlords

Storage Heater Grants are not repayable, even if you move home

Storage Heater Grants for Landlords from the ECO Scheme

The Storage Heater Grant Scheme provides Government funding to install high heat retention storage heaters

Storage Heater Grants for Landlords from the Governments ECO Scheme

We have helped around 20,000 householders to apply for an ECO Grant

Storage Heater Grants for Landlords - Qualifying Criteria

The Government’s ECO Scheme provides heating system grants to pensioners and families on low incomes.

If your tenant receives one of the following State Benefits or Tax Credits, they may qualify for a storage heater grant to replace faulty and inefficient electric storage heaters in your rental property:

  • Guaranteed Pension Credit (Savings Credit and ordinary State Pension do NOT qualify on their own).
  • Child Tax Credit*
  • Working Tax Credit*
  • Universal Credit*
  • Income Support
  • Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance

* Maximum household income thresholds (based on the number of adults and children who live in your home) apply to these State Benefits.

More information about qualifying criteria for Storage Heater Grants for Landlords can be found HERE.

Storage Heater Grants for Landlords are Available Now.

Storage Heater Grants are also available for:

ECO Grants for other forms of heating, and to install Cavity Wall Insulation or Loft Insulation are available from the Affordable Warmth Scheme.

Who Should Apply for a Storage Heater Grant, the Landlord or the Tenant?

For the purposes of the Storage Heater Grants for Landlords Scheme the tenant is the applicant, although as owner of the property, your consent will be required before any installation can take place.

You can register your interest by completing the form on this page. Alternatively you can ask your tenant to complete the form on the home page of this website. Please ensure that you have your tenant’s permission to pass on their contact details.

Are there any restrictions on Storage Heater Grants?

As long as your tenant is living in the rental property from initial application until after the storage heaters are installed there are very few restrictions. In a small number of cases however, after installation the ECO Scheme’s auditors will check that a householder satisfied all of the relevant qualifying criteria, in order to combat fraud.

There are no restrictions on how many of your tenants can apply for a storage heater grant. Each case is taken on its own merit and all Storage Heater Grant Qualifying Criteria in respect of your tenant’s state benefits and the existing heating system must be satisfied to qualify for a grant.

If the storage heater grant is insufficient to meet the full cost of installation you may be asked for a contribution and if you choose not to, the heating system will not be upgraded but there will be no charge.

If your tenant vacates the property after installation, the grant does not have to be repaid. Even though the tenant is the applicant, they do not own the new storage heaters and they are not allowed to remove them.

Advantages for Landlords with the Storage Heater Grant Scheme
  • Under Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard regulations (MEES), from April 2018 all domestic rental properties in England and Wales must have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of E or better. Upgrading the heating system in your rental property using a storage heater grant will help to improve the property’s energy efficiency rating.
  • Modern electric storage heaters are up to 30% more energy efficient than their older counterparts. This means that your tenant will cut their heating bills.
  • An upgraded heating system in your rental property will make it more attractive to future tenants.
  • New storage heaters are much more reliable than old ones and will cost less to maintain.
  • You can reduce your rental property’s carbon emissions with new energy efficient storage heaters.
  • All storage heater grants for landlords require that installations are carried out by properly accredited installers. As landlord, the new heating system will still need to be checked and serviced every year but being a new system, shouldn’t require maintenance and repair.
Storage Heater Grants for Landlords are available until September 2018

Landlord Storage Heater Grant Application Form

Qualifying criteria for storage heater grants under ECO3 (from Oct. 2018) have not been approved by Parliament yet. As a result, information provided on this website is subject to change.

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